Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A watercolour after a very long break

A couple of months before the uprising in Syria we were exploring this fascinating country so full of antiquities.  This shop is in the Roman town part of Bosra in the south of Syria not far from the Iraq border.  Bosra is a most historic place with many ancient buildings and an amphitheatre with stunning acoustics.   When we had clambered up the steepest terraces we had ever seen in an amphitheatre, there below was a man who was demonstrating the areas to stand for performers to produce different projections of sound.  Damn clever, those Romans!

Curiously, there are a few people living in the remains of the ancient houses.  This building intrigued me as it required me to depict so many different facets and textures.  Ever since art college in London, where the Thames in those days had so much lying in the mud at low tide, I've been attracted to rust and rubbish!

Syria: Closed until further notice (water media, 28 x 40 cm, 11 x 16 inches)

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